Add a GEDCOM file to your Personal Page at Family Tree DNA

by Linda Jonas


If you were tested with Family Tree DNA, you can upload a GEDCOM pedigree chart.  GEDCOM is a file format that allows genealogists to exchange information about their ancestors. Your GEDCOM file will be able to be viewed only by you, your Group Administrator, and those that have matches with you. It will not be viewable to anybody else in or outside the Thompson DNA Project. The names of anyone born after 1900 will be hidden unless you choose to show them. You can show as many or as few ancestors as you wish. 

Since the pedigrees are private,  I can't link to any of them, but I can link to publicly available pedigrees at Ysearch (with the Ysearch-users' prior permission) to show you some examples. See these pedigrees:

The pedigrees do not show any living people and do not contain the names of any ancestors who are not relevant to the Thompson lineage. We do recommend including the names of the spouse's parents in each generation if you know them. In fact, you can include your entire pedigree chart if you wish.

Here's how to submit your GEDCOM once you've created one with your genealogy computer program. Please note the directory where you saved it on your computer. Now, go to and login with your kit number and password. Click the orange tab for GEDCOM - Family Tree. [You will not see this tab if you have not yet received your results. But you can start getting your GEDCOM ready for when the results arrive.] Use the Browse button to find on your computer the GEDCOM file you created. Click on the name of the file, then click Open.  Next, click Upload.

The instructions say that once you have uploaded your GEDCOM to Family Tree DNA, "browse through the list of names, and click on the name in that list which corresponds to the name in this Y-DNA record. This will make your Family Tree available for viewing." Please note, however, that the program does not match names, so you do not have to start the pedigree with yourself; you may want to start it with your father or grandfather. When finished, you can instantly view your pedigree, and if you don't like the way it looks you can delete it and submit another one.

Uploading your GEDCOM file will help people decide if they're related to you before they contact you. This will prevent you from endlessly repeating your pedigree information as the project grows. Most importantly, your privacy will be protected.

I will be happy to assist all Thompson DNA Project participants with creating their GEDCOM file.