You can search for more matches to your genetic markers at the website of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation at You may even get a free DNA test if you meet the requirements of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation.

The non-profit Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) is building the world's largest database of correlated genetic and genealogical data. More than 60,000 people have already submitted DNA samples along with four-generation pedigree charts.

The SMGF analyzes genetic markers (specific regions of DNA) on all the chromosomes for each individual. The DNA samples are matched to the corresponding genealogies to determine the DNA profiles of the ancestors.

The growing SMGF database is released in stages. The Y-chromosome database is available for searching.  Try it! Go to then highlight "THE DATABASE" near the top of the screen.  Select "Y-Chromosome Database" from the dropdown menu.  The click "Search the Y-Database" in the column on the left. If you are a Family Tree DNA customer, select the following options on the Search page: For "Select Lab Standard" choose Family Tree DNA; Click "Search by Surname," enter your surname, and click "Approximate."  In "Results Display Includes" check all three boxes for Country, Incomplete Data, and All Paternal Line Surnames. Now enter the genetic markers you received from Family Tree DNA to find matches. Click the "Search" button near the bottom of the screen. The markers that match yours will be shown in light blue; mismatches will be shown in dark blue. You can see the pedigree of any Thompson by clicking on the pedigree box at the left of each entry. But you don't have to restrict yourself to searching for Thompsons. You can search for all of your ancestral surnames. Go back to the Search page, use your own markers or the default markers, and enter other surnames into the "Search by Surname" box to look for additional ancestors.



Now how do you get your own ancestors into the database? The only requirements to participate in the study are to sign the consent form and provide a four-generation pedigree chart with your DNA sample. This means that you must know the name and approximate birthdates and birthplaces of yourself, your parents, your four grandparents, and your eight great grandparents. If you can do that, request a free participation kit. It will cost you nothing at all, not even postage.

What will you get in return? You are participating in an important scientific and genealogical study, and the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation tells you that they won't "send" you any results. This is true; you won't receive anything in the mail nor any personal results. But the names of your ancestors who were  born before 1900 will appear in a future edition of their database, and you will be able to search the database for your ancestors' names and their genetic markers. When searching the database, you will find additional markers beyond those tested by Family Tree DNA.

The SMGF also has a mitochondrial DNA database, and you can search it for all of your maternal surnames. The mtDNA database currently contains results from only a fraction of the total number of samples collected. The SMGF plans to add approximately 70,000 mtDNA samples in the near future, and much more will be available in the years to come.

Read through the SMGF website at  If you can provide pedigree information, I recommend getting a kit for the oldest living member of your family. Then get one for yourself, your spouse, cousins, etc.  So far, I have submitted dozens of DNA samples and pedigree charts of family and friends.  These are my gifts to future generations.

This study retains your privacy (even YOU won't be able to see your personal profile!), it costs you absolutely nothing, and the potential long-term genealogical benefits are enormous.