If your ancestor's name on our results page does not contain a link to your pedigree, it is either because we have not received pedigree information from you, or we did not recognize it as yours.  It is essential for us to have at least the name of a Thompson ancestor.  To submit your pedigree, you don't have to know everything. Just list as much about each generation as you can fit on one line.  (We won't panic if it's longer than one line!) Here is the example of my pedigree. You will notice that there are no living people, and you can't tell who submitted it:

Electious Thompson, b. 1755 MD; d. 1840 Morgan Co., AL; m. Eliza Alexander
Electious Thompson, b. 1790 VA; d. 1863 Marion Co., AL; m. Rebecca
Jackson Thompson, b. 1816 KY; d. aft 1880 Marion Co., AL; m. Mary Wilkerson
Electious Thompson, b. 1842 Marion Co., AL; d. TX; m. Nancy Eveline Cantrell
Luther Jackson Thompson, b. 1868 AL; d. 1935 Dallas, TX; m. Cora Rebecca Simmons

The reason we all joined the Thompson DNA Project was to learn more about Thompson ancestry. We can't do this without our ancestors' names. Please submit your pedigree by email to one of the project administrators or click on the link at the top of the Patriarchs page. We will add your pedigree to the Patriarchs page and link it to your ancestor's name on the Results page. The pedigrees will help us all determine if, when, and where we have common ancestry.