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About us - Your Thompson DNA Project Co-Administrators:

Please note: The Thompson DNA Project co-administrators are volunteers and do not work for Family Tree DNA, DNA Heritage, Relative Genetics, or any other testing company.  We do not receive commissions or compensation of any kind.  We volunteer because we care about Thompson genealogy, and we want to help you use DNA results to help make genealogical connections.

Linda Thompson Jonas      

     has been conducting full-time genealogical research for more than 30 years.  She is a former president of the British Isles Family History Society-U.S.A. and is co-author with Paul Milner of A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your English Ancestors (Betterway Books, 2000) and A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors (Betterway Books, 2002). 
     Linda specializes in finding immigrant origins.  She reads genealogical records in many languages, including paleography, and she is a former volunteer at the Immigrant Genealogical Society. Linda was also a staff trainer at the Los Angeles Family History Center.  She lectures on all aspects of immigrant research including passenger lists, naturalization records, and more.  She is particularly sought for her expertise in finding the origins of Colonial Americans.  
     Linda Jonas lives within a few miles of Washington, D.C. and frequently researches in the Library of Congress, the National Archives, the DAR Library, as well as repositories in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee. 
     Linda is a Regional Coordinator for the International Society of Genetic Genealogy [ISOGG], the Administrator of the U5 mtDNA Project, Co-administrator of the British Isles DNA Project, and is conducting several DNA projects of historical importance. She is uniquely qualified to help participants use DNA with traditional genealogy to find the origins of their Thompson ancestors. 
     Linda is currently the Director of the McLean [Virginia] Family History Center which specializes in colonial immigrant ancestry.   She is immediate past President of the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society.

Katherine Hope Borges

a founding member of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy [ISOGG]. Katherine is the ISOGG Regional Coordinator for Central California.  She is well experienced with managing DNA projects; she currently coordinates four DNA surname projects and four DNA geographical/heritage projects including the Scotland DNA Project. 

     Katherine holds several chairmanships in the Daughters of the American Revolution and Colonial Dames.  When not involved with her genealogical pursuits, she also serves as a Girl Scout Co-leader and U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Instructor.

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