Submitting Your DNA Results to Ybase

Hopefully, you've already uploaded your DNA results to Ysearch.  There's another database similar to Ysearch, and it's called Ybase.  Ybase was established in 2003 by DNA Heritage.  It's another way to find matches to people who tested with other testing companies

With Ybase you can search by surname or by haplotype (your set of markers, e.g. 13, 24, 14, 11, . . .).  You can even see an alphabetical list of surnames in the database. I recommend looking at the alphabetical list to see its many variations of Thompson (e.g. Thomason, Thomasson, Thomkins, Thompkins, Thomsen, MacTavish, etc.).

Just like Ysearch, you don't have to wait until you have your full panel of 37 markers. You can upload each group of markers as it comes in. But unlike Ysearch, you have to manually upload your results to Ybase. You can also go back to Ybase as many times as you want to add additional information about your ancestor, his origins, and your paternal line.
To Upload your DNA results:

1. Log into Click on "Submit"

2. Type in your DNA markers.  Please note that these are not in the order used by Family Tree DNA. If you are a Family Tree DNA customer, for TAGA-H4 enter your results for GATA-H4 and add 1 (e.g. if your GATA-H4 is 11, enter 12 into the space for TAGA-H4).

3. Enter your Haplogroup, e.g. R1b1c, E3a, etc. If you have SNP test results, enter them in the box for "Any additional haplogroup info."

4. Enter your approximate test date, and ancestor's surname [Thompson or variant].

5. Even though your ancestor's name may have been consistently spelled throughout his life, enter six surname variations for the surname Thompson.  This is so that people with matches can find you, even if they have different forms of the Thompson
surname. A list of variations is on our home page at, and an alphabetical list is at Be sure to include Thomson, Tomlinson, MacTavish, and MacThomas.

6. Fill out as much information as you can about your First Known Ancestor (your Earliest Known Thompson ancestor).

7. In the boxes for "Any Other Surnames" you can enter more Thompson surname variations, or you may want to enter the maiden surnames of women who married your Thompson ancestors.

8. Under "Options," decide if you want to disclose your email address, and click the appropriate button.  You may choose use as your website address.

9. BE SURE TO FILL OUT THE BOX LABELED "Any Additional Information." Here is a good place to enter your pedigree including the names of each generation of male Thompsons.

10. Choose a password that you can remember, then record your Record ID and password in a safe place (such as your genealogy program). Click Submit.

If you'd like to see an example of how I filled out my Ybase page, go to and do a "Quick Search" for my Record ID # NAKD8. You'll find the Quick Search link near the top of the screen under the title "Ybase: Genealogy by Numbers."

Once you've entered your results into Ybase, do a Quick Search using your own Record ID number to find matches. Because this database is continually updated, periodically do another Quick Search.